Shaft, Flange and Foot Mount Eddy Current Brakes

Frictionless Brake Torque designed for cranes, hoists and load brake applications. Designed for interchangeability, reliability and truly low maintenance.

EMTorq Shaft, Flange and Foot Mount Eddy Current Brakes provide:

  • Higher Torque is produced with the air gap on the larger radius - from 2.5 to 3 times more torque over competitive models
  • Less Weight due to the elimination of end bells, housing, foot shafts, etc.
  • EZ Shaft Mount design eliminates the need for couplings or alignment
  • Dynamically Balanced

Designed for a wide variety of industrial applications:

  • Drop-in Interchangeability with the leading installed base of brakes for cranes, hoists and load brake applications
  • Complete frictionless braking
  • No friction surfaces = no wear or replacement needed
  • Two ball bearings are lubricated for life
  • No lubrication of adjustment is required

Slow down safely with frictionless, controlled braking – The difference is in the design…

The EMTorq Eddy Current Brakes are constructed in a different manner than most other eddy current brakes

This design means the electromagnetic coils have a smaller diameter than the working air gap, which produces many advantages.

This is an easy shaft mount/D-flange mount brake. The brake slides onto the motor shaft and the brake D-flange is bolted to the corresponding motor D-flange. The ECB-XX-SBDF is available for 182/184 through 444/445 frame motors.

Typical installation for the ECB-XX-SBDF eddy current brake is to a D-flange wire wound motor often used in crane and hoist drives.

Shaft/torque-arm mount and foot mount eddy current brake configurations are available.

ECB Series