The NEW UTSB™ Ultra-Thin Servo Brake. A Simple Design to Solve Complex Problems

Featuring a slim design - without bearings, sheaves, seals or housing.

UTSB™ Ultra-Thin Servo Brake Features & Benefits:

  • Allows purchase of motors without brakes, simplifying inventory
  • When built-in servo brake does not have enough torque, purchase a motor-less brake and add the UTSB™ at the same or less cost than a built-in brake
  • Unique coil designs allows for a reduced outside diameter
  • Compact design adds in most cases only 25 mm to the
    overall length
  • The short overall length of the brake still leaves adequate motor shaft length, to engage the input of the gearhead
  • When used in combination with built in servomotor brakes achieves EN ISO 13849 for redundant braking
  • If brakes are damaged as a result of misuse, they can be easily replaced without refurbishing the motor

The slim design - without bearings, sheaves, seals or housing, yields a smaller package and substantially lower cost for applications including:

  • OEMs
  • Automation – System Integrators
  • Pick & Place Welding Automation
  • Vertical applications – 3-Axis + multiple vertical
  • Servo Motor Gear Head manufacturers and
    End Users

Concept of the Ultra-Thin Servo Brake™

Ultra-Thin Servo Brake Mounted on a Servo Motor

Our design goal was to make an electromagnetic brake so compact that it would fit between the servo motor and the servo motor gear head, sharing the shaft length with the input coupling of the gear head.
The UTSB™ Design is far superior to a Double Flange Servo Brake Design. The new UTSB can replace a Double Flange Servo Brake Design… which can be complicated, relatively expensive and add length to the motor gearhead package.
The UTSB’s unique brake coil arrangement allows for relatively small outside diameter; the add on length dimension is approximately 25 mm for most sizes.