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EMTorq applications include wind turbines, marine winches, mail handling, robotics, machine tool axes, automation indexing, packaging, conveyors, cranes, lifts, food processing and more.

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Examples of customer specific clutch,brake clutch brake combination and spring set brake solutions

Our engineers invite you to submit your application design requirements.

Shaft Mounted Clutch Foot Mounted Clutch Brake
For film wrap packaging machines:
Easy mount 1-piece design - stationary field - ball bearing mounted hub for pulley or sprocket mount - 27 Nm torque - direct field retrofit
For tray sealing and packaging machines:
Enclosed shaft in/shaft out design - 3/4-inch diameter shaft - interchangeable feet - 27 Nm torque - direct field retrofit
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Shaft Mounted Clutch Shaft Mounted Clutch-Brake
For bakery machines:
2-piece design - stationary field - bronze bearing mounted hub for pulleyor sprocket mount - 3 Nm torque - direct field retrofit
For envelope inserting mailing machines:
Easy mount 1-piece design, stationary field - bronze bearing mounted hub for timing pulley - 3 Nm torque - direct field retrofit
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Spring Set Motor Brake Explosion and Flame Proof Spring Set Brake
For NEMA flanged motors:
Flange mount to prepared motor endbell-with/without hand release-56 through 256 frame-retrofit existing brakes.
EMTorq explosion proof and ATEX flame proof spring set brakes for hostile atmosphere are now available. These robust and reliable brakes are available in IEC and NEMA mounting. Standard brake torque ranges from 4 to 800 Nm.
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Motor Brakes for sub fractional motors Complete Drive Systems
EMTorq Motor Brakes for sub fractional motors – cost-effective and interchange with competitive units. Other sizes available. EMTorq Complete Drive Systems – Clutch-Brake/Motor/Gearbox in one complete metric drive assembly. Available from 63 to 132 frame assemblies/0.13 to 9.3 kW (.18 to 12.5 hp.) Choose from worm gear, parallel shaft, helical bevel, helical worm, planetary, etc.
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