EMTorq Clutches & Brakes
   NEMA or IEC/metric double flanged motor brakes
   EMTorq Rebuild or Replace
   EMTorq Marine Duty Brakes
   EMTorq Brakes For Theater
   EMTorq Brakes For Energy
   EMTorq Clutch Brakes For Baggage Handling
   EMTorq Clutch Brake Combo
   EMTorq Spring Set Brakes
   EMTorq Clutch Brake Combo
   EMTorq Spring Set Brakes
EMTorq precision manufactured products provide field proven performance for customers worldwide

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Industrial Electromagnetic Clutches - Brakes - Clutch-Brake Combinations - Spring Set Brakes



EMTorq electric clutches, brakes, clutch brake combinations and spring set brakes perform stop and start motion control of industrial machinery worldwide.

EMTorq applications include wind turbines, marine winches, mail handling, robotics, machine tool axes, automation indexing, packaging, conveyors, cranes, lifts, food processing and more.

Use EMTorq in any application where reliable start or stop solutions are needed.


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