Electromagnetic Clutches, Brakes, Clutch-Brake Combinations and Spring Set Brakes for

Industrial Power Transmission

Torque Technologies, Inc. is the North American distributor for EMTorq products and services.

We Bring over 50 years experience in the application and sales of clutches and brakes

EMTorq electric clutches, brakes, clutch brake combinations and spring set brakes perform stop and start motion control of industrial machinery worldwide.
EMTorq applications include wind turbines, marine winches, mail handling, robotics, machine tool axes, automation indexing, packaging, conveyors, cranes, lifts, food processing and more.
  • Strong, silent and innovative technology with field-proven performance
  • EMTorq offers solutions designed to meet a variety of industry applications
  • EMTorq models can directly interchange other manufacturer's models
  • EMTorq’s standard line is stocked in a variety of sizes, voltage ratings and mounting configurations

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EMTorq is a Division of Torque Technologies.